Upcoming Events

» CALS Seminar - Civil Litigation in Japan: Conception, Reality, and Challenges by Judge Yoji Kawakatsu on 19 February 2018
» Seminar - Co-Existing and Conflicting Jurisdiction and Arbitration Clauses by Professor Richard Garnett on 20 February 2018
» Unjust Enrichment: Value, Rights, and Trust by Professor William Swadling on 20 February 2018
» CALS Book Launch - Constitutions, Religion and Politics in Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka on 21 February 2018
» CALS Comparative Constitutional & Administrative Law Seminar Series: Constitutional Reforms in Sri Lanka: Contexts, Challenges, and Prospects by Professor Donald L. Horowitz & Dr Mario Gomez on 21 February 2018
» CML Seminar Series: Making Sense of the Two Faces of Seaworthiness by Dr Michael Sevel on 22 February 2018
» CALS Law & Religion Speaker Series: Law & Religious Market Theory: China, Taiwan and Hong Kong by Associate Professor Chen Jianlin on 22 February 2018
» CALS Roundtable Discussion on Politics of Divided Societies and the Limits of Constitutional Design by Assistant Professor Jaclyn L. Neo on 23 February 2018
» Seminar & Book Launch - Independent Directors in Asia: A Historical, Contextual and Comparative Approach on 28 February 2018
» Seminar on "Selected Issues In Property Law" by Professor Teo Keang Sood on 1 March 2018
» Comparative Corporate Law and Governance Speaker Series: Deconstructing Convergence Theory in Light of Changing Paradigm of Corporate Governance in India by Dr. Neeti Shikha on 1 March 2018
» Book Launch - The Regionalisation of Competition Law and Policy Within The Asean Economic Community by Dr Burton Ong on 5 March 2018
» CML Lunchtime Seminar: Oil Pollution in Singapore Waters by Industry Speakers on 7 March 2018
» Trade Finance for the 21st Century, 8-9 March 2018
» Kwa Geok Choo Professorial Lecture: Singapore Trusts Law at a Crossroads by Professor James Penner on 22 March 2018
» APCEL Seminar Series: Responding to the Long-Term Impacts of Environmental Warfare in Vietnam: ‘Voluntary Remediation Initiatives’?,By Eliana Cusato, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, 23 March 2018
» International Monetary Stability as a Common Concern of Humankind (By invitation only) by Lucia Satragno on 23 March 2018
» APCEL Book Launch: Routledge Handbook of Biodiversity and the Law, 26 March 2018, Faculty of Law, NUS
» 15th Asian Law Institute Conference, Law into the Future: Perspectives from Asia, 10-11 May 2018
» Climate Change Litigation Scholarship Workshop (CALL FOR PAPERS),7-8 June 2018
» Third World Approaches to International Law Conference (TWAIL Singapore), 19 to 21 July 2018
» Call for Papers - Asian Journal of Comparative Law would like to invite submissions for its 2018 Issue.
» Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration
» Continuing Legal Education Auditing Programme